You deserve to have more money in your life.

It's time to trust yourself. 

Hi! I'm Sarah Swain!


In 2022, MYM was born from a desire to end the cycle of powerlessness I was witnessing on repeat.  A solid business idea, paired with basic fundamentals of business and a side of courage and confidence gives you everything you need to hit it out of the park. Which is exactly what MYM is designed to help you do.

I'm not here to hold your hand, or to do the work for you. I'm here to coach you into your OWN greatness, by providing you with the tools, strategy & skills you need to bring your vision to life. Sometimes that includes teaching you new tricks and tips on how to move through logistical items in a timely fashion. You may be surprised to learn that it also will mean slowing you down at times; to reflect, to be mindful, to pounce accurately and appropriately with precision, knowing full well which opportunities are for you and the highest good of your business and lifestyle.  The truth is, wrapping our heads around a mindset built around how money can be CREATED, as opposed to earned is the *actual* magic in the sauce, and this requires contemplation. Measure twice, cut once. So it's time you step outside the matrix and start living a life on your terms. This is what it means, to Monetize Your Mind.

Are you ready?



"I've made over $10,000 in my business in the last 3 months since joining MYM and my husband and I are talking about me leaving my job at the end of the year!"


"Since joining MYM, I've gained confidence in accessing the leader I've always known myself to be, and have become so inspired creatively!

The community and possibility for collaboration is infinite. I've busted out of my comfort zone and am in the process of expanding my business. Sarah's compassion and no bullshit approach lights a fire and empowers me into action!"


"The group support!!! I can't make many of the chats or put in the time right now BUT I LISTEN to the recordings, join when I can and STILL gain so much from everyone else!"

Other than everything you need to know about exactly how to build a sustainable service-based business?

Intentional, All-Encompassing Business Portal 


Not some half-ass shit. This is not bush league. Embody your business and opportunities. This is your invitation to learn about yourself as a business owner, who your target market is, how to market and relate to them, how to sell & how to sustainably grow your business

WEEKLY LIVE Coaching Support for your  Business Strategy, Marketing, Sales &  Branding


Yes, I’m serious. I'm here to support your business strategy, marketing & sales skills, as well as your branding!

Live Coaching to break through your mindset blocks and limiting BS

Two Monday's per month join Sarah's coach Andrea Parker and Mel Mills for a 90 minute Mindset Breakthrough call.  These two will help ou smash your mindset blocks, breakthrough your limiting beliefs, and build your business with your heart leading the way!


Monthly Creative Think Tank & Focused Co-working call with Live Tech Support!

Our monthly Creative Call  nourishes your creativity, expands your thinking and helps you step into more outside the box approaches to your business. This call will be hosted by Amanda, and also pack a mastermind component to it to allow for small group discussions amongst you and your fellow peers within MYM.  

Our Get Sh*t Done monthly calls take place during the last week of the month! This is an entire DAY dedicated to co-working. Our zoom line will be open for an entire 8 hours to act as a virtual drop in centre so you can hang with your MYM peers, get some sh*t done in your business AND receive live tech support from our in house tech systems and automation whiz, Meags. This will be a call you’ll want to prioritize every damn month, because it’s the one day you can get insanely intentional about the action you’re taking, and be held accountable by your peers.

Team Up and Level Up (without having a team to manage)


Entrepreneurship can get lonely. Despite the benefits of not working with people whose values you may not enjoy, or at times being the topic of office gossip, there are advantages to having a team. Those water cooler/kitchen chats and accidental encounters can lead to some of the most innovative collaboration opportunities in the workplace. Entrepreneurship can feel extremely lonely and overwhelming, especially at first. If it’s just you and your cat so far on your dream team, let us provide you with the resources of our team, but on your own terms (and without the gossip!). The relationships forming within our container provide our members with resources, networks and information it would take years to accrue in other settings.  Let us help you harness the power of meaningful collaboration and incorporate a variety of experiences and perspectives all dedicated to helping you find solutions and success in your business (without the pain in the ass of managing people!). Members also find engaging with and advising others in similar situations to be rewarding and empowering; it turns out building and embodying dreams and abundance is contagious!

Brakes, Fuel and a Soft Landing Spot to Relaunch From


Foundation building is what we specialize in. Putting together meaningful systems and teams and combining it with purpose and clear goals is a recipe for success, but making sure that each element consists of quality is worth the investment of some time. There is no sense in getting a “head start” at full speed only to realize minutes into your journey that you no longer align with your destination, or that the grass is greener elsewhere. Unraveling contracts and agreements not truly in alignment (or continuing to fulfill them while attempting to head in reverse) can be exhausting and distracting from your goals. While U-Turns are allowed, sometimes they can be avoided with proper planning. Targeting YOUR direction -if not the entire destination- of YOUR speedway is our specialty, and if it requires us throwing out the occasional speedbelt, banana peel or tortoise shell (like in Mario Kart!) to slow you down to be mindful, well, we aren’t afraid to do so, to support your long term success! Once the direction is clear and aligned, our team and tricks WILL help you catapult your way along that path, and you will better KNOW the right opportunities when they appear. However, as our truth seeking community knows; we will not BS you - being realistic about timelines for building solid foundations is also factored in and shared up front.

A private, Non-Big-Tech, Awake AF Community


You're safe here, oh tinfoil one. All kidding aside, this community isn't focused on what's wrong in the world. We're here to create a new one. Together.

Targeted & Intentional Monthly Guest Experts


Knowing what we don’t know is half the battle sometimes, and our network’s abundance feeds itself for days. Whenever there is an area where the community needs a new perspective or niche of expertise, Sarah sources the best of the best from her network to deliver on  their zone of genius, benefitting the entire community and  creating opportunities and a wide breadth of synergistic connections.


Andrea Parker

Andrea Parker is a former police detective turned Human Potential Coach. She founded AP Coaching, where she co-creates magic with conscious, courageous humans to release the limiting subconscious beliefs holding them back, so they can confidently thrive personally and professionally.

As a highly sought-after coach and renowned international speaker, her insights have been featured in documentaries, transformational podcasts, and Jack Canfield’s upcoming book, Unstuck.

Andrea is Sarah's coach! Join Andrea at 2 pm ET Two Monday's per month  to break through your mindset blocks and limiting beliefs so you can get further in your business, faster!

Mel Mills

Mel is a former professional hockey player turned entrepreneur. As a partner in AP Coaching and co-host of 2 Peas in a Pod Podcast, she loves inspiring individuals and couples to live their best life while seeing how fun life can get!

Mel is the yang to Andrea's yin! Join the Mindset breakthrough calls two Monday's per month at 2pm EDT and be inspired by her energy, conviction & vulnerability!

Amanda Steele

Amanda is a wealth creation and transformation mentor that helps women realize they are the designer of their own destinies! Amanda has more than 30 years experience of helping people find exactly what they need to transform their lives. Helping women take control of thoughts, reconnect with their dreams and collapse time between envisioning what they want and having it physically manifest. Amanda also has many years of experience with helping highly visible social media influencers connect and grow their communities.

Amanda is our resident cheer squad! She's here to help keep you inspired, motivated and clear on where you're headed! Join her for chats and engagement in the community space!

Meaghan Penney

Meaghan Penney is a former “non-essential” hairstylist turned bad ass business strategist, & systems and automations ninja. 

She brings over 20 years of experience & knowledge from being an entrepreneur herself, as well as years of expertise supporting multiple business owners with their day to day business processes, systems & operations.

Meags is a 3/5 projector in Human Design who is here to guide & teach business owners how to simplify and automate their systems so they can focus all of their attention on increasing their revenue month after month!

Join Meaghan (Meags) at 2 pm ET on the last Thursday of every month for a live co-working call to help you bust through your systems and technology woes!


"MYM got me out of a dark place and depression. You've created an amazing loving community, Sarah where we all feel SAFE, supported, and we are learning so much from you and the MYM team every week! I'm grateful we met, and now I'm excited to grow my business with all other freedom loving people! Thank you Sarah for giving me and others hope."

MYM packs BIG value for a LOW price. Over $12,000 in monthly expertise, support & resources!


Let’s face it, if $69/month seems too steep to invest in yourself and your business, you're likely not in the headspace to kick your business into high gear. And that's okay. MYM isn't going anywhere, so come on back when you're ready to invest in yourself and your future!

But if you're feeling that major pull on the inside, that NOW is the time to CREATE more money in your life by doing what you LOVE, then join us to experience for yourself the POWER of this space. You won't regret it.



What you get:

  • Sarah's entire business course
  • Weekly live coaching to strategize, market & sell like a CEO
  • Live coaching 2x/month to bolster your mindset
  • Monthly Creative Tank container to brainstorm and mastermind with your peers
  • Monthly co-working calls with live tech support so you can move the needle forward in your business
  • Monthly guest experts
  • A private, safe & awake community of empowered business builders


"My coach, Sarah Swain, has helped me balance my wild feminine creativity with masculine business practices. Both is better. It's always been both/and."