I'm here to help you reinstate the power of choice into your life, by creating new streams of income online. 


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You have far more to offer this world than you're giving yourself credit for.

4 years ago I quit my 6-figure job with no back-up plan...other than a commitment to trust myself fiercely.

Hi! I'm Sarah Swain, Founder of Trailblazer Media Inc. & Online Business Strategist, hailing from the foothills of the Alberta Rocky Mountains. In my late twenties I started questioning the concept of work. While people rolled their eyes at my typical millennial style of questioning the world, I couldn't help but conclude that the rat race we were all in, had us missing the point entirely. It bothered me deeply that as an employee, I wasn't free to make basic decisions about my own work/life balance. It bothered me that I was squeezing life into the pockets of time I wasn't working. It bothered me that in order to receive a paycheque, I had to fall in line with job requirements whether I agreed with them or not. It bothered me that I had a hard time describing myself without mentioning my career. It bothered me that someone else told me what an hour of my time was worth. It bothered me that any given moment, the company could decide my role was no longer relevant and render me unemployed. It bothered me that the idea of job security was being used to make people hesitant to trust themselves.

Long story short. I bounced ✌️ and I never looked back.

For the last four+ years I have been living life on my terms by trusting myself more than anything, and allowing my wisdom, intuition & creativity to nourish my heart and soul, which in turn feed my businesses.

In 2020 I saw the writing on the wall regarding the economy - I knew we needed to create our own. So that's exactly what I am here to do. Help more people create their own economy, so they have more choices.

I have taken my heap of knowledge and experience of a combined 15+ years of business & entrepreneurship so I can help as many people free themselves from the clutch of archaic systems so they can live life on their own terms.

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"Okay Swain, I want to but... How are you going to help me do this?"

Like 'dis:

Monetize Your Mind

I'll help you learn how to identify the greatness you have to offer the world - you're not giving yourself enough credit. I'll help you unlearn the brain of an employee so you can SEE the skills, abilities and areas of genius you have that rarely make it to any resume.

Discover Your Target Market

I'll help you become a pro at understanding the market of people who are experiencing the problem that you have the solution to. If you're also someone that gets stuck on the idea of even creating content on social media, it usually comes down to the simple fact that you're not clear on who you're even speaking to - cringe.

Create Your Offer

I'll help you take your beautiful brain and transform it into a service that people actually need. Learn how to create an irresistible offer that people will actually buy, and more importantly, have success with. In other words, you're not going to slap a bow on a turd and call it a business. Mmmmkay?

Market & Sell

I help you make money. You have something someone needs - marketing is all about getting their attention & helping them see the value so the buy it. No cringey sales & marketing tactics here, though. I teach you how to stay true to you and sell in a way that feels natural for you. Truthfully? The best strategy out there is authenticity, so understanding the tools of the trade that make the most sense for you is exactly what I help you with.

📖 E-BOOK: Self-Awareness As a Business Owner

It's one thing to understand yourself as a person, but it's a whole other level to understand yourself as a business owner. Wanna kick ass and take names? Know yourself fiercely.

🔥Get Sh*t Done Days

There is literally no room for excuses in MYM. We even have a COWORKING DAY built in every week. Join our Tech & Automations Coach, Meags Penney, every Thursday for 90 minutes of FOCUSED work with live tech support to help you push through the stuff you're putting off!

"Okay this sounds like exactly what I need...how do you deliver it?"


My Whole Dang Course

My ENTIRE business course, formerly called "Simple F*cking Strategy" is included in this membership. It'a a step by step system on how to build your business with SIMPLICITY. It provides what you NEED and not an extra ounce of bullshit. You can work on the course at your own pace with my audio recordings and fillable PDFs!

Live Coaching Calls

Monday Mindset Calls. Tuesday Strategy Calls. Wednesday Clarity Calls. Yes, I'm live THREE times a week to support you in your business. Ask your questions ahead of time to secure your spot, join me live or catch me responding to your question on the replay. All calls are at 2pm EST.

PLUS - a high-accountability coworking call with LIVE TECH SUPPORT on Thursdays at 2pm EST. WHAT?!

Go At Your Own Pace

This isn't a race. Everyone is on their own journey and everyone is in different stages. If you can only squeeze in a couple of hours to work on your business a week, it's better than 0 hours! This space and all it offers is here when you need it, based on your own schedule.


If you're anything like me, you understand the importance of being surrounded by people who 'get' you. We have a private space OFF social media where you can interact with one another, support one another and even connect with one another on your own connections calls! Side note - it's also wildly helpful to have a safe space to land when you're ferociously sucking at something in your business. Refuel, reenergize and get back to it.



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