009 - Lions and Libertarians and Marxists, oh my! with Devon Thompson

Season #1

Sarah's guest today is Devon Thompson, a Jamaican Canadian resident of Barrie, Ontario who has been fighting against the World Economic Forum’s Fascist Great reset since 2020 in both Jamaica and Canada. Devon worked with a political party in Jamaica called the UIC to lead a successful protest against mandatory vaccinations which in the end resulted in a majority of the population refusing the jab. Devon is a father of 2 and husband to an amazing wife as well as a professional in electrical and energy engineering. To summarize, you can refer to Devon as someone intent on engineering liberty by promoting parallel economics and supporting citizens as they take part in the political process.


Listen in as Sarah & Devon dive into a conversation all about Marxism, parallel economies, Canadian politics, and the CPC Leadership race in today's episode!

 You can follow Devon on Instagram @truedevonthompson